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Tom Holliston

Tom Holliston

Tom played with a band called NoMeansno for about twenty years. No one quite knows why! Somehow he managed to survive a thrill ride with the brothers John and Rob Wright which involved heated arguments, missed turn-offs,  expired passports but also some good music; which is what matters.

Currently, Tom will be touring with a new release, as will Simon „Rostock“ Wells.  Simon has recorded his – he says – and Tom has not recorded his… but it will be worked out.

Simon Wells

What can be said about Simon Wells that has already not been said?  Pretty much everything!

For the last 26 years, the co-founder of the lovely SNUFF band has been living beneath a boat near Rostock; taking time out only to perform with the Fatwrecords band South Port.

Simon also bought a motorcycle but he can not understand how it works and why there are only two wheels.

He is returning to live performance not only in order to play music but also to, finally, find the reason why chewing gum seems to lose its flavor so quickly.

Simon Wells’s great ambition in life is to find the people who came up with the idea of wrapping individual sugar cubes in small pieces of paper and ask them if he can buy the patent rights from them.